Content Management

Custom Content Management

NetSaler's custom content management can be used to manage the page content for any database driven web site. It has been designed to be both secure and intuitive. Users can beigin creating and editing content with very little training. 

The system is browser based so that content can be managed from any Internet connected PC without the need to install any special software on the user's PC. 

There are numerous features and each package is customised to suit the needs of the user. The main features include:

  • Access controlled by User ID and password.
  • Users can change their password.
  • Users can be assigned to User Groups that define their priveleges.
  • Managers can be assigned to approve new and updated content.
  • WYSIWYG design allows users to format text and see the results within the browser window. There is no need for the user to know HTML programming.
  • WYSIWYG Tool bar within browser
  • Upload images from within the browser.
  • Uploaded images can be automatically resized on the server to preset or user-selected sizes (requires host component).
  • Easily create tables to layout data.
  • Add and Edit navigation menus.
  • Assign pages to menu items using point and click.
  • Full audit trail records all changes.