e -Commerce

NetSaler custom B2C platform provides a flexible and robust e-commerce platform to enable the rapid development of a public online store.

All product details and orders are stored in a database on the web server. Web based administration pages allow the database to be easily updated or queried.


  • Products can be stored in either an MS Access or SQL Server database. The choice depends on the popularity of the web store that is to be powered by NetSaler. SQL Server provides vastly superior performance and scalability and is recommended in most situations. For smaller sites an MS Access database will allow the site owner to choose a less expensive hosting plan, typically around $30 per month.
  • Products can be segmented into:
    • a) Category, Products or
    • b) Category, Subcategory, Products
  • Both product keyword search function and an advanced search function where users can select from dropdown lists to refine their search are provided as standard.
  • A product detail page with an image and extended description can be displayed for a single product. A small image of each product can be displayed on the Product List page.
  • The user can enter the quantity to be purchased for each product from the Product List page or the Product Detail page. On the Product list page users can enter quantities for each item in the list and then click the submit button once to process the entire page. There is no need to click the submit button for each item on this page thus speeding up order entry.
  • The shopping cart summary can be displayed and updated in separate frame so that the cart summary is always visible.
  • A real time credit card processing option is available. Arrangements with an Australian e-commerce company can provide this option at a reasoable cost. There is a small setup fee and transaction fees are competitively priced at arount 60c per transaction.
  • The shopping cart tracks total product weight for freight calculations. Freight is automatically calculated from a freight rate table supplied by the chosen courier and can be based on quantity or weight.
  • NetSaler B2C supports a variety of discounting structures including discount by total price and discount by quantity.
  • NetSaler B2C allows each customer to have a different discount for each product range. This unique discount is optionally displayed in the shopping cart summary.
  • An optional inventory control feature will decrement the inventory level for each product when an order is completed. An additional option will send an inventory alert email to the store administrator when the inventory falls below the reorder level for that product.
  • The Order Confirmation page can send an email confirmation to both the client and vendor.
  • Orders go into the database for later retrieval or analysis.
  • Full web based database administration. This allows the vendor to securely login to NetSaler administration and add/delete/update product and other details from a web browser. Another feature allows the vendor to upload product images to the server with a single click from the browser without the need to use FTP.
  • An optional Referrer tracking system records the Referrer information this lists the link that the client clicked to arrive at the site. This information is recorded against all orders and an analysis page in NetSaler Administration can display orders by Referrer. This information is essential to gauge the effectiveness of any online marketing campaign.